BusinessObjects is Southwestern College's primary reporting system for Colleague, our enterprise data system. Many managerial reports are published daily and automatically emailed to relevant users and administrators. A set of BusinessObjects reports is used to provide the primary data for Program Review reporting and another set provides information for Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM).

How to Get Access

This is an internal resource and can only be accessed through computers connected to the SWC Secure Network, either on-campus or off-campus using Remote Access (VPN).

Check your MySWC Campus Apps. If the BusinessObjects button does not appear and you need access to the app, submit an IT Incident in ServiceNow using "Application Support" as the category and "BusinessObjects" as the subcategory.

Users will need to attend an initial BusinessObjects training prior to being given access. Contact Professional Development for a schedule of courses or to set up one-on-one training.