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Distance Education

Instructional Continuity During Emergencies

“Instructional continuity” is a term being used across higher education to describe efforts to help students continue their coursework in the midst of disruptions due to disaster, weather, or illness. The latter is on everyone’s minds right now, of course, but having plans in place is useful in California, where we have experienced college closures due to wildfires.

We’re here to help you get ready! In addition to our regular Canvas training, we are offering a Camp Canvas menu of training specifically designed to help face-to-face faculty use Canvas and Zoom for remote instruction. Please sign up in MyLearningPlan.

Camp Canvas Training Schedule

We've also developed two Canvas resource sites to provide support for online and remote instruction during a college closure: one for faculty and one for students.

Instructional Continuity: FACULTY Instructional Continuity: STUDENTS
Contingency Instruction - FACULTY site Contingency Instruction - STUDENT site

The sites offer logistical considerations for working remotely, Canvas and Zoom resources, and other support information. Visitors will be prompted to log into MySWC to access either site if they're not already logged into the system.

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Welcome! This website's aim is to provide information and inspiration for instructors of online and hybrid courses at Southwestern College. What you find here will grow and change as online learning does, so suggestions and requests are always welcomed.

The resources here are focused on teaching online--everything from course design to making videos to accessibility.

Students: Please visit SWC's Online Learning web page for Canvas and online/hybrid class support

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Distance Education Resources

Distance Education Training & Support

Learn more about online learning!

DEFT Certification (Distance Education Faculty Training)

Get SWC-certified to teach online or hybrid classes.

DE Policies, Procedures, & Guidelines

Current SWC DE protocol.

DE Mentors

Partner with fellow SWC faculty to learn more about DE.

Additional Resources

Canvas Training & Support

Become familiar with SWC's learning management system.

California Community Colleges (CCC) DE Resources

Align your course content with CCC-endorsed best practices.

Accessibility Resources

Ensure your course content is accessible to all students.

Teaching Tools & Resources

Info on making videos, software and tools, and other tech training materials.

Canvas Faculty Support

If you are SWC faculty looking for Canvas help and technical information/training, there are several options for assistance: