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Professional Development Program  


The Professional Development Progam provides enrichment opportunities that enhance our abilities to effectively engage with our students and cultivate an environment in which students and employees can thrive and develop a sense of belonging.

We participate in the Flexible Calendar Program with the Chancellor’s Office to demonstrate that we have committed to the State that we will provide professional development in lieu of work.

Training Services  


This department provides training and technical assistance in a variety of software & technology, including a majority of institutional systems. In addition, it researches and promotes emerging technologies for office and academic use.

Additional services include: training on using a green-screen video recording/editing room, On-Demand training for groups/offices*, and one-on-one scheduled training.

Advancing Equity Teaching Academy

The Advancing Equity Teaching Academy (AETA) is a year-long faculty professional learning program designed to close equity gaps and promote systemic change by developing faculty leaders who will not only transform their own classrooms through equitable and inclusive educational practices but also have a positive impact on their departments in particular and the College District as a whole.

Caring Campus Program

This program engages Classified Professionals to create a Caring Campus where we connect with one another. It also promotes the deep involvement in student success initiatives. It is particularly important for students to feel welcome and with a sense of connectedness, and that they belong in Southwestern College where they can attain their educational goals!

Safe Zone Program

In an effort to build a more inclusive environment, Southwestern College has begun a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) Safe Zone Program. 

The Safe Zone Program provides an opportunity for all members of our community to become allies and build cultural competence around LGBTQ issues.

Inches Towards Inclusion Calendar

At Southwestern College we can work toward inclusion by recognizing and celebrating what makes us unique, while idetifying our common interests and experiences. The work of diversity, equity, and inclusion often occurs in small increments, and that progress is vitally important to change. Each month this calendar offers small actions you can take that will help in both educating and uniting our community. By each of us taking these small actions, inch by inch we can reflect and understand each other’s perspectives, and broaden our own; inch by inch we can move toward solidarity.

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Janelle Williams Melendrez  

Executive Officer of Equity and Engagement

Patricia Hinck

Program Coordinator

Shannon Cappa Pagano

Professional Development Faculty Coordinator

Andre Ortiz  

 Training Services Coordinator

Eliana Santana

Advancing Equity Teaching Academy Faculty Coordinator