Inclusion Calendar

The inclusion calendar is a monthly resource that highlights how Southwestern College professionals can work toward inclusion by recognizing and celebrating what makes us unique, while identifying our common interests and experiences. The calendar brings forward historical and identity recognition months, as well as significant days of remembrance, celebration, and history during the month.  The work of diversity, equity, and inclusion often occurs in small increments, and that progress is vitally important to change. This change does not have to be overwhelming however.  The calendar offers suggestions for small actions you can take that will help in both educating and uniting our community.

March Activity
1 How to sign “March” in ASL (American Sign Language).
2 The Race Conversation - Register in Cornerstone!
3 Learn About: The Ugly Laws
6 The Great Irish-American Migration
7 What positive actions are you taking for your mental health?
8 HOLI - Festival of Colors
9 Try and center your colleagues' lived experiences.
10 Domestic Violence Resources
13 Participate in a Go2Knowledge session.
14 10 ways to say HELLO in French.
15 Pronouns Day - Practice your pronouns when introducing yourself to colleagues.
16 The Story of Cesar Chavez.
17 Learning Together: Decreasing Structural Racism in Higher Education
20 Recognize First Nation Peoples unique perspective of the world.
21 International Day of Elimination of Racial Discrimination
22 Who is Larry Itliong?
23 Do something with your non-dominant hand.
24 Visit the Museum of Us: Maya Peoples
27 Spring Break
28 Spring Break
29 Spring Break
30 Spring Break
31 Spring Break