Academic Affairs

Message from the Vice President

Welcome to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA). The Vice President for Academic Affairs is the chief academic officer of the college, overseeing in concert with staff and faculty, all academic programs research, personnel, resources, and support services.

The VPAA provides this academic leadership through collaborative work that promotes the success of all students by advocating and sustaining a college culture and instructional programs conducive to student learning and staff professional growth.

Academic Affairs is composed of seven schools, three Higher Education Centers, and an array of offices that provide services and support to the college effort. The schools are comprised of departments offering over 280 academic programs, majors, minors, concentrations and credential and certificate programs.

We in Academic Affairs are aware that we have shifted to a post-industrial society, the advance to a global marketplace, our increasing reliance on technology and a growing infatuation with market-based solutions to societal needs. This poses significant challenges for education. We believe that our continual effort and allegiance to renewal and process enable us to stay abreast of these changes as we seek to redefine learning and teaching.

Our faculty and staff are committed to service and leadership that assist students to understand that our college community is a real and typical community within which they will become effective in societal roles.

Academic Affairs will continue to uphold standards and performances predicated upon the concepts of access, opportunity, and empowerment for all members of the college community.

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