Updated Vaccination and Mask Requirements

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Academic Affairs

Fall 2021 Re-Opening Face-to-Face Faculty Resources

Good Afternoon Southwestern Colleagues,

Welcome back to the Fall semester! We are excited to welcome approximately 30% of our students back to campus. The start of the Fall semester is always a busy time. The transition back to campus for face to face operations and classes, mask requirements and vaccination documentation have made things even more challenging. Albeit, we know that as a college we are stronger together, and we know that we are all here for the common reason, our students.

We recognize that there are many questions regarding next week’s phase 1 of reopening. In an attempt to answer as many questions as possible, please see the information below.

Students who are enrolled in face to face classes and/or receive face to face student services such as counseling, Admissions and Records or use the Library, Academic Success Center and Math Center/MESA etc. must provide proof of vaccination documentation or file for medical/religious exemption.

Vaccination and mask requirements:

All students are required to upload their vaccination documentation and wear a mask indoors in order to access any in person services, including tutoring, exam proctoring, library services, and attending classes.

All students were provided with information about campus protocol including mask and vaccine mandates.

Efforts to get more students to upload vaccination documents

Students were provided with the following link to upload their records: Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to submit your vaccine verification.

  • $100 SWC Bookstore voucher incentives for all enrolled students.
  • Sending out emails daily to targeted students.
  • Sending SMS daily to targeted students.
  • Hourly employees are doing intrusive phone banking to encourage students to upload their forms.
  • Audio phone messaging is sent to the target students daily

If students do not upload their vaccination records by August 19, 2021 students will be dropped from their face to face classes on Friday, August 20, 2021.

This drop will not include noncredit classes or classes which have begun before or will begin after the first week of classes- August 23rd,  extension classes, Restorative Justice, CCAP,  and SWRAP programs.

In person assistance

Starting on Monday August 23rd, 11 tables/Ask Me stations will be set up across campus. Each table is staffed with trained personnel that can assist students with uploading their vaccination records, submit an exemption or direct them to counseling staff who can assist with enrollment in a remote/online course. Please see map for the location of the Ask Me stations on the Chula Vista campus.

In addition, we will have a team of folks in front of the Chula Vista, Cesar Chavez Building supporting students with their needs.

In-Person Assistance

Starting on Monday August 23rd ”Ask Me” stations (11 tables) will be set up across the Chula Vista campus. Each station is staffed with “Welcome Ambassadors” that can assist students with: (1) uploading their vaccination records or submitting an exemption, or (2) direct students to Student Affairs Professionals or Counseling who can assist with enrollment in a remote/online course. Higher Education Centers at Otay Mesa and San Ysidro will provide assistance at the student services front counters.

In addition, we will have Welcome Ambassadors and Student Affairs Professionals in front of the Chula Vista, Cesar Chavez Building supporting students with their needs.

In-Person Appointments

Students need to be partially vaccinated, fully vaccinated, or have an approved exemption submitted and approved in ServiceNow to access in-person services, including tutoring, library services, counseling services, or exam proctoring. An “Appointment” tab has been added to the Southwestern College homepage, and it includes a link to the Make Appointment webpage.

If a student is not approved to access in-person services during their appointment check-in, they will be asked to reschedule the appointment after their vaccination status has been submitted and approved or access support from our virtual lobbies.

Virtual Assistance

 All student services are available online. Current students and potential students can access support via our virtual lobbies.

Appointments for Student Services in the Cesar Chavez building

When a student has an appointment for services, they will check-in at one of the “Ask Me” stations or in the front of the Cesar Chavez Building, once they are cleared they will receive a colored wristband. Wristband colors will change randomly on a daily basis.

Clearance for Class

Students that have been dropped from their face to face class because they did not upload their vaccination status, wait-listed students that have not uploaded their vaccination status, and crashers need to go to the "Ask Me" stations for assistance with uploading their vaccination status, or receive any other assistance. Students that successfully upload their status at the “Ask Me” table will receive a ticket that they can present to the faculty for the issuance of an add code. Students will be expected to enroll in the course with their add code or receive support from Admissions and Records to be added to the course. Faculty are encouraged to take attendance at the beginning of class and send anyone without a vaccination clearance to the “Ask Me” stations.

Students Enrolled in face-to-face classes

Students will be able to attend classes with proof of either partial (one shot) vaccination, full vaccination, or approved religious or medical exemption.

School Deans and program directors have encouraged faculty members to send an email to their enrolled and waitlisted students in their class(es) providing direction to upload their vaccination records in order to remain in classes which begin the week of August 23rd.

Students who have uploaded their vaccination records or exemptions into the ServiceNow form will appear on the faculty roster. View an example of faculty rosters (you must be signed into the MySWC portal).

If students do not upload their vaccination records by August 19, 2021 students will be dropped from their face to face classes on Friday, August 20, 2021.

This drop will not include noncredit classes or classes which have begun before or will begin after the first week of classes- August 23rd,  extension classes, Restorative Justice, CCAP,  and SWRAP programs.

What can faculty expect on Monday, August 23rd or the first day of class?

On Monday, August 23rd, faculty can pull their “clean” class rosters with the student vaccination status. Faculty rosters.

Faculty will be provided add codes for their classes, as normal protocol.

If a student has been dropped from the class or needs a recommendation for a remote/online section of the class, they can go to the “Ask Me” stations for assistance in getting their vaccination documentation uploaded into Service Now. Students at the Higher Education Centers at Otay Mesa and National City are notified by the director of their programs to upload their vaccination and need to see front counter student services professionals if they need assistance. No classes are being offered face to face at the high education center in San Ysidro. However, staff will be available to assist students and the community.

Students who are on the waitlist can bring their vaccination clearance approval to their instructor on the first day of classes or visit an Ask Me Station to receive a ticket that shows proof of clearance. With proof of vaccination clearance, instructors can issue add code to students to re-enrolled in their class or students from the waitlist.

If students need a recommendation for another class, students can be directed to the Virtual Counseling Front Desk lobby and they can visit with a counselor for assistance.

Mask Exemptions for Students

Students who have requested a mask exemption will be cleared by our Dean of Student Services, Rachel Fischer. When a student is cleared for a mask exemption, they will receive a clearance email that they can show to their instructor. However, they are required to wear a face shield. Face shields can be provided, if needed.

Mask Enforcement

Mask enforcement in the classroom will follow the procedures outlined in the student code of conduct, BP 5520. A training session will take place on Friday 8/20 at 11:30 am for all managers on how to enforce masks respectfully. Faculty are expected to call their dean or director if after a faculty request a student refuses to comply with mask wearing policies. If faculty on the Chula Vista campus cannot reach their dean, they are to call the office of the VPAA for assistance. If a Campus Service Officer (CSO) is available they will be dispatched. Outside of the classrooms Campus Service Officers (CSO) will be enforcing any mask requirements. Calling Campus Police should be a last resort scenario.

Vaccination availability

San Ysidro Health Center will be offering vaccination clinics on the Chula Vista campus the first two weeks of class. See the link for additional information regarding the vaccination clinics. Students who receive their vaccination and would like to add a face-to-face class, will be referred to the “Ask Me” stations around the Chula Vista campus which can assist them with getting their vaccination records into the ServiceNow form, if needed.

Additional Information:
What will happen if a student or employee tests positive for COVID-19?

If a student tests positive for COVID-19 they should report their positive results by completing the Student COVID-19 Form and remain isolated until cleared by a physician.

If a full-time or hourly employee (or student worker) tests positive for COVID-19 they should report their status to Human Resources and remain isolated until cleared by a physician.

Students and employees are not to return to in-person class or work until receiving approval from a physician.

What will happen if a student or employee has been identified as having close contact with a person on campus who tests positive for COVID-19?

Fully vaccinated individuals or individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 within the past three months and recovered are not required to quarantine after close contact with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19. The County of San Diego recommends that fully vaccinated people who are identified as a close contact get tested 3-5 days after exposure to a confirmed positive, even if they are not experiencing symptoms. 

Partially vaccinated or unvaccinated exempted individuals who have had close contact with an individual on campus that has tested positive for COVID-19 are required to quarantine for up to 14 days per a physician’s instructions.

Do you have additional questions?

If faculty have additional questions for teaching face to face classes , there will be a Q&A session on Friday, August 20th at 1:00pm via zoom at Topic: Q&A With Faculty Teaching Face to Face; https://swccdedu.zoom.us/j/5709075878. Flex Credit is available for this event.

Message from the Vice President

Welcome to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA). The Vice President for Academic Affairs is the chief academic officer of the college, overseeing in concert with staff and faculty, all academic programs research, personnel, resources, and support services.

The VPAA provides this academic leadership through collaborative work that promotes the success of all students by advocating and sustaining a college culture and instructional programs conducive to student learning and staff professional growth.

Academic Affairs is composed of seven schools, three Higher Education Centers, and an array of offices that provide services and support to the college effort. The schools are comprised of departments offering over 280 academic programs, majors, minors, concentrations and credential and certificate programs.

We in Academic Affairs are aware that we have shifted to a post-industrial society, the advance to a global marketplace, our increasing reliance on technology and a growing infatuation with market-based solutions to societal needs. This poses significant challenges for education. We believe that our continual effort and allegiance to renewal and process enable us to stay abreast of these changes as we seek to redefine learning and teaching.

Our faculty and staff are committed to service and leadership that assist students to understand that our college community is a real and typical community within which they will become effective in societal roles.

Academic Affairs will continue to uphold standards and performances predicated upon the concepts of access, opportunity, and empowerment for all members of the college community.