Institutional Program Review

Institutional program review is a process that promotes student-centered education and service excellence by engaging all academic programs and administrative units in self-examination and goal-setting.  It consists of an annual self-study to evaluate and enhance the purpose, quality, and effectiveness of SWC programs and services.  Resource requests made to support the achievement of goals are prioritized to inform current expenditure decisions and future budget development.          

The main objectives are to:

  • Collaborate and build a shared vision for evaluation and goal-setting
  • Utilize data analysis to identify and support goals, activities, and resource requests
  • Ensure goals are aligned with SWC’s mission and related institutional goals
  • Evaluate progress toward goals and develop any needed improvements
  • Prioritize resource requests to inform current expenditure decisions and budget development


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Program Review Resources

The Institutional Program Review Handbook is a document of the Shared Consultation Council (SCC) that codifies the principles of program review, the process for completing program review, and the connection between program review and budget planning. 

Institutional Program Review Handbook