DE Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

Board Policies & Procedures

Board Policy (BP) 4105 - Distance Education identifies and defines distance dducation (DE) and the state laws, federal laws, and education code with which DE courses must be in compliance.  Administrative Procedure (AP) 4105 provides working definitions for DE delivery modes at SWC as well as standards for DE instruction, faculty training, and more.

Board Policy (BP) 4115 - Distance Education Regular and Substantive Interaction provides an explanation of the interaction requirements between faculty and students, and among students, in online classes.  Administrative Procedure (AP) 4115 - Regular and Substantive Interaction defines the type and frequency of instructor-initiated and student-to student interaction required in DE courses. Guidelines for managing instructor absence are also provided.

DE Faculty Training Procedure

As explained in Section 16.10 of the S.C.E.A. Contract, "Unit Members teaching online or hybrid classes shall successfully complete a District-approved training course/program prior to instruction." The following documents are provided in accordance with Section 16.10:

Distance Education Faculty Training Procedure (PDF)
Application for Administrative Review (PDF)

Additional DE Documents Guiding SWC Distance Education

Distance Education Handbook
Distance Education Plan 2020-2023
SWC Curriculum Committee's Distance Education Addendum

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