WebAdvisor Retirement

Project Overview

WebAdvisor to be fully retired Fall 2023

WebAdvisor is currently the web app that students, staff, and faculty use to view and make changes to their personal records (i.e. course registration, paystubs, etc.). This system connects directly to our Student Information System (Colleague WebUI by Ellucian) and interacts with various other systems, like MySWC Portal and Campus Apps.

The company that developed the system, Ellucian, decided to eliminate WebAdvisor from its lineup of products and instead, focus its attention on improving and enhancing Colleague Self-Service. As of June 30, 2021, they are no longer enhancing WebAdvisor nor providing regulatory support (i.e. tax forms) and as of June 30, 2022, will no longer support it all. As a result, the Office of Institutional Technology is busy getting our new Colleague Self-Service modules set up, as well as enhancing our existing systems and preparing new systems to take over once WebAdvisor is fully retired.

The good thing is, most existing WebAdvisor processes are already available in and will move to SWC's instance of Colleague Self-Service once ready for launch. Legacy WebAdvisor processes that are still needed will move to SWC ServiceNow, while others may need customized applications developed. Regardless of their new locations, you will be able to access the systems, apps, and links you're used to, directly from the soon-to-be New & Improved MySWC Portal!

Fun Fact: if you didn't know, we've actually had the Colleague Self-Service system for years! Students were the only people using it - solely for Financial Aid - up until now.

Project Partnership

The Office of Institutional Technology is working closely with the offices/departments listed below, in order to make this transition as painless as possible for everyone involved:

Project Milestones

The accordion rows below contain project milestone tables pertaining to the development and implementation of modules and processes for Colleague Self-Service and other SWC systems being used as WebAdvisor retires.