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SWC Email is provided to all staff and faculty members as an effective way to communicate with colleagues, students, and others in an efficient manner. By using SWC Email offered by Southwestern Community College District, you agree to the 3720 AP (Computer & Network Acceptable Use Policy).

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Accessing SWC Email for Staff & Faculty

As you probably guessed, your MySWC username makes up the first part of your SWC Email address (example: You have 4 options to access your SWC Email:

  1. Login to the MySWC Portal at with your MySWC username and password. In the top right section of the page (or in the middle of the page on your phone or tablet), click/tap on the link to open up your SWC Email account. This section of the MySWC Portal will also tell you how many unread emails are waiting for you in your inbox!
  2. Use the Outlook smartphone/tablet app (see below) to login with your SWC Email address and MySWC password.
  3. Add your SWC Email account to your home computer's email app - instructions are at the link below.
  4. If your position provides you with an office computer, you can access your SWC Email from the installed Outlook app.

Further details about setting up your apps for SWC Email is available in the SWC Technology Handbook (MySWC Login Required).

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SWC Email for Staff & Faculty FAQs