Interpreting/Real Time Captioning

Interpreting/Captioning Services:

At Southwestern College, the Disability Support Services office proudly provides Deaf and hard-of-hearing students with access to services including Sign Language Interpreting, Real-Time Captioning, note-taking services, and an Assistive Listening Device (ALD) loan program in an effort to promote language equality, empower students, and assist them in the attainment of their academic and vocational goals.

The Disability Support Services provides services in State supported activities and classes, as well as with related academic requirements that are directly related to the student's educational process.

If interpreting services and/or captioning are requested for student activities that are part of the college, but not related to the educational process, the services will be provided and will be funded by the respective Southwestern College department, using resources other than Disability Support Services.

For such requests the student typically meets with their Disability Support Services Specialist to determine the most appropriate accommodation(s) and the service request is provided to the DSS Interpreter Coordinator.

Requesting Services:

Complete the DSS Application and provide disability verification. Once your DSS Application is complete and you have met with a DSS Specialist to review appropriate academic accommodations, you may request sign language interpreting services or real time captioning.

Please submit your request for sign language interpreting or real time captioning using the American Sign Language / Real Time Captioning (RTC) Request Form and the Interpreting/Captioning Contract Form immediately after registering for classes each semester. Students who register early will have more open classes to choose from. Turning in interpreting/ accommodations requests early will also help the DSS Staff to support your language access needs most successfully.

Requests for interpreting/captioning services with less than four weeks notice for on-going classes, may result in delayed services. At least 5 business days are required for special requests or one time services, such as interpreting for extracurricular activities.

Contact Information:


Video Phone: 619-207-4480