Educational Assistance Courses

DSS offers basic skills and strategy classes. DSS classes provide an opportunity for students to improve academic skills, identify career goals, learn about college resources and participate in exercise science.

Personal Development (PD) classes are designed to help students develop personal skills such as study skills, test-taking strategies, time management, and decision-making skills. Improving those skills will help towards success in college.

Personal Development Classes

Below is a list of DSS credit courses:

  • PD 1 Speech Language Hearing Assessment
  • PD 7 Memory Skills
  • PD 9 Diagnostic Assessment
  • PD 12 Oral Language Comprehension Skills
  • PD 14 Vocabulary Development and Recall
  • PD 18 Adapted Computer Instruction
  • PD 100 Lifelong Success
  • PD 101 Orientation to College
  • PD 110 College Success Skills

Exercise Science/Specialized (ES/S)

Adapted physical education courses are offered through the Exercise Science program and are adapted to address the individualized needs of students with disabilities. All Exercise Science classes require a Doctor Certification/Medical Release Form (PDF). Exercise Science classes feature activities in personalized fitness, sports, and swimming and are frequently offered in summer as well as in the fall and spring semesters.

  • ES/S 106 Adapted Flexibility Fitness
  • ES/S 108 Adapted Gentle Yoga
  • ES/S 113 A-D Adapted Personalized Fitness
  • ES/S 121 A-D Adapted Aquatic Fitness
  • ES/122 Adapted Swimming

DSS Noncredit Classes

DSS offers free, noncredit classes that are strongly recommended to prepare you for success in college and after college.

  • NC 102 Occupational Opportunities
  • NC 103 Stepping Stones to Success in the Workplace
  • NC 104 How to Spread the Word of the Professional You
  • NC 105 Independence, Social & Study Strategies for Young Adults
  • NC 107 Building Social Skills for College

The application to enroll in any DSS noncredit class is available at the DSS Office or online at the Continuing Education website.