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Resources for completing the
Free Application for Federal Student Aid


Click on the links below for great resources from the Department of Education on completing the FAFSA.

2016-17 FAFSA Application
Here’s the first step to receiving financial aid! This is the ONLY website to use when submitting the FAFSA and there is NEVER any charge to students to apply. You should never be asked for payment of any kind when competing or submitting the FAFSA.Click here to access the FAFSA in Spanish.

What information do I need when I fill out the FAFSA?
Here’s a checklist of information and documents needed to complete the FAFSA.

What is a Federal Student Aid PIN?
Fact sheet describing the Federal Student Aid Personal Identification Number, how to get a PIN, and how to use the PIN.

Am I Dependent or Independent?
Worksheet to help students determine their dependency status when filling out the FAFSA. Click here for Spanish.

Who is my parent when I fill out the FAFSA?
Fact sheet that helps answer common questions about determining which parent's information to report on the FAFSA. Click here for Spanish.

Simple Steps to transfer Tax Information to your FAFSA (graphic)
Graphic that explains how to use the IRS data retrieval tool to transfer tax information into the FAFSA and when the tool is available.

Reporting Same-sex marriage on the FAFSA
Fact sheet that explains how a same-sex couple who is legally married should fill out the FAFSA. Click here for Spanish).

Federal Financial Aid and Undocumented Students
Fact sheet that provides answers to frequently asked question about federal financial aid for undocumented students. Click here for information on the California Dream Act and available state financial aid programs for AB540 students.

FAFSA Facts for Students with Drug-related Convictions
Fact sheet that explains how drug-related convictions may impact a student's eligibility for federal aid.

Myths About Financial Aid
Fact sheet debunking common myths about federal financial aid: parents make too much money, too old, or need good grades.

The Financial Aid Process (graphic)
Graphic that reviews the availability of federal financial aid for college, the FAFSA, and the process for applying for and receiving aid. Click here for Spanish.

Funding your Education: The Guide to Federal Student Aid
A Department of Education publication that provides information on preparing for college, types of federal student aid and eligibility, the FAFSA, and student loan repayment. Click here for Spanish.

FAFSA 101 and the Armed Forces (PowerPoint)
Presentation describing federal student aid programs, loan repayment, student aid benefits for the military, and student aid information resources.



Resources and Links about Financial Aid  

National and Federal Resources

FAFSA - Click here to access the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the first step in receiving financial aid.

FAFSA en Espanol- Haga clic aquí para acceder la solicitud FAFSA - Click here for an extensive selection of free resources from the US Department of Education on options for funding your college education.

NSLDS - Click here to access information on your federal financial aid history for programs such as Pell Grants and Student Loans.

Selective Service System – register online - Click here to register online for Selective Service

Voter Registration - Click here to register vote.

IRS – Request a tax transcript - Click here to submit an online request for an IRS tax transcript

College Scorecard- Click here for Suthwestern College's College Scorecard, which contains data on graduation rates, student loan default rates, school costs and employment.

NASFAA’s Parent and Student Financial Aid Resource Center – Click here for a wealth of resources for students and parents from the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA)

State of California Resources

Cal Grants - Click here for information on California state financial aid programs, such as CalGrants, Chaffet Crants, Foster Youth and the California Dream Act.

Student Identity Theft – Click here for information from the California Student Aid Commission for information and resources on student identity theft.

CA Dream Application - Click here for a direct link to the CA Dream application.

I Can Afford College - Click here for resources on California community college financial aid.

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