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Christopher Vito

ProfessorSchool of Arts, Communication & Social Sciences

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(619) 421-6700 x5597

35-113, Chula Vista

Christopher Vito, PhD received his Doctorate in Sociology from UC Riverside. He teaches Introduction to Sociology (Soc 101) and Social Problems (Soc 110), and studies hip-hop culture in relation to race, class, and gender. His book, The Values of Independent Hip-Hop in the Post-Golden Era: Hip-Hop's Rebels, was published by Springer/Palgrave McMillan, and he has previously published in peer-reviewed journals such as Global Hip Hop Studies, International Journal of Cultural Studies, NORMA: International Journal for Masculinity Studies, and Korea Journal.

Recent Publications:

Christopher Vito. (2020). “Shop Talk: The Influence of Hip Hop on Filipino-American Barbers in San Diego.” Global Hip Hop Studies 1 (1): 13-23.

Christopher Vito. (2019). The Values of Independent Hip-Hop Culture in the Post Golden Era: Hip-Hop’s Rebels. Palgrave Pivot. Open Access: https://www.palgrave.com/us/book/9783030024802.

Christopher Vito, Amanda Admire, and Elizabeth Hughes. (2018). “Masculinity, Aggrieved Entitlement, and Violence: Considering the Isla Vista Mass Shooting.” NORMA: International Journal for Masculinity Studies 13 (2): 86-102.

Christopher Vito. (2015). “Who Said Hip-Hop was Dead?: The Politics of Hip-Hop Culture in Immortal Technique’s Lyrics.” International Journal of Cultural Studies 18 (4): 395-411.

Ronald Kwon (primary author), Amanda Admire, and Christopher Vito (listed alphabetically). (2015). “Declining Fertility in Two Koreas: The Demographic Implications for a Korean Reunification.” Korea Journal 55 (4): 85-110.