Prof. Joseph Allen Ramirez

Assistant ProfessorSchool of Education, Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences

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54A-116, Chula Vista

Prof. Joseph Allen (JoJo) Ruanto-Ramirez is Queer, Buddhist, Indigenous Asian American, scholar-activist, refugee who came to the United States as a natural disaster refugee in 1991 from the Philippines. His mother is Sambali, Sambal-Ita (Aeta), and Iranun (Moro), while his father is Ilokano, Ifugao (Igorot), and Fukkien/Hokkien Chinese. He is an Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies - Asian American Studies and works closely with the Office of Student Equity Programs & Services. He received his BA in Ethnic Studies from UC San Diego and his MA in Sociological Practice from CSU San Marcos, and currently a PhD candidate in an interfield program in Cultural Studies and American Studies at Claremont Graduate University. 

He also serves as the County of San Diego's Leon L. Williams Human Relations Commission as Commissioner for Asian & Pacific Islander Relations, chair of the San Diego County Office of Education's Asian American & Pasifika Advisory, and is also a consultant in equity, diversity, & inclusion for local businesses and organizations. He is the Forum Editor for Alon: Journal for Filipinx American and Diasporic Studies and a member for the Association for Asian American Studies.

He is the advisor for SWC's Asian & Pasifika Business Association (APBA) and UC San Diego (and county-wide) ΨΧΩ Inc. (Psi Chi Omega).  

Academic Interests

Cultural Studies, Colonial Studies, Critical Race Studies, Critical Citizenship Studies, Global Indigenous Studies, Nation-State & Cultural Politics, Ethnic Studies (in particular, Asian American Studies and Native & Indigenous Studies), Gender & Sexuality Studies / Feminist & Queer Studies, Student Affairs & Leadership, Education Studies, Posthumanism (Hauntology, Monster Studies, Freakery Studies)


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