Dr. Tamer Salameh

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Dr. Salameh is a veteran practitioner of Leadership and Management with focus on Strategic Management and Strategic Information. His education embeds multicultural and multinational environments that span the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), the United Kingdom and the United States. He continues to be a student and holds the following degrees: BSc. in Business Administration, MSc. in Management and Organizational Development, MBA in Management, DBA in Strategic Management (First Class Honors) plus a Post Doctorate in Strategic Information from United States International University (currently Alliant International University).

He has gained 30+ years of experience and expertise in Strategic Management and Strategic Information theory and practice.  During his education, he was an active participant at the University in various capacities; student, teacher, administrator and community services.  He worked for and studied under Dr. H. Igor Ansoff (Father of Strategic Management).   As a Strategic Management Consultant, he assisted Dr. Ansoff with coaching and consulting to some of the largest firms in the world such as AMF, GE, KONE, IBM, Shell, Phillips, Nokia to name a few. He assisted Dr. Ernest Dichter (Father of Motivational Research) with his milestone work “Finding out Why?”. Additionally, he associated with Dr. Efraim Turban (Decision Support Systems, Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence Guru) for developing one of the first MIS programs for graduate and undergraduate studies.

At the Private Department for His Highness (HH) Sheik Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan (Father of United Arab Emirates), strategic management met with the realities of practical implementation and bottom line. It was practiced in more than 50+ countries, 14,000+ employees, 90+ nationalities and over $20 billion in net worth.  As the Executive Advisor with profit and loss responsibilities, he directed planning, information systems, business development, special missions and external audits conducted by Arthur Anderson then Deloitte.

He worked on projects containing innovative and entrepreneurial, and sometimes novel, methods and concepts such as renewable energy, laser, executive security, real estate, investments and much more. Some examples are water from the air with Energy Labs, alternative energy vehicles with Panasonic, and vertical farming with Vitality Concepts.  Additionally, he led the team that developed a $7+ billion master plan for Al-Reem Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 

He is interested in researching leadership and management with emphasis on strategic management from an epistemological perspective, to bridge the gap between theory and practice; in a complex, multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural and multi-ideological business environment. Coupled with verifying their impact/urgency on performance in society and vice versa, through in-depth emphasis on:

  • Periodic and real-time Strategic Behavior.
  • Individual and/or Organizational Flexibility, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Strategic: Myopia, Information, Leadership, Democracy and Learning.
  • Effective, efficient and equitable performance.

Published in International Review of Strategic Management, Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly and Journal of Information Systems Management.

Currently; Adjunct Professor at Alliant International University and Southwestern College; teaching graduate and undergraduate courses, while coaching and consulting at Strategic Posture.