SWC Returns

Graphic that says "SWC Returns: Southwestern College's safe reopening plan"

SWC Returns is a comprehensive guide for the Southwestern College community on the district’s phased and full facility reopening.

SWC Returns brings together Southwestern College’s entire reopening efforts including the district’s reopening phases, the institutional reopening plan, approved operations, data metrics and department decision tree.

We closely monitor local data, including infection and vaccine rates, and this plan may change depending on those metrics. Southwestern College leadership may move operations between phases and may deny facility use based on local health data.

Southwestern College recognizes student, employee and community concerns about COVID-19. We are committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for learning and working.

Guiding Principles for Decision-Making

  1. Student health, well-being and educational success.
  2. Employee physical and financial health and well-being.

Our Current Phase & Operations

Southwestern College is currently in Phase One (purple): Essential Campus.

Essential Campus means that Southwestern College is currently offering remote/online instruction and services, except for allied health and public safety courses. Only essential employees may work on district campuses. There is limited approval of activities on campus parking lots, such as drive-through events.

Latest operations announcements:

About Our Phases

Southwestern College's four reopening phases are aligned with four colors and unique South County data metrics. Southwestern College's color tiers are modled after the satewide and county tier system, but Southwestern College's status/color is independent of San Diego County's tier status.

  • Phase One (purple): Essential Campus
    Adjusted Case Rate > 10.0
  • Phase Two (red): Priority Campus
    Adjusted Case Rate 4.0-10.0
  • Phase Three (orange): Tiered Return
    Adjusted Case Rate 1.0-3.9
  • Phase Four (yellow): Full Return
    Adjusted Case Rate < 1.0

Approved Operations

The current approved operations approved for Phase One: Essential Campus include:

  • Public safety courses
  • Allied health courses
  • Essential on-campus employees
  • Drive-up events and student services such as resource giveaways, bookstore pick-ups, etc.
  • Safe parking lot leasing such as drive-through events.

Approved operations may change at any time based on local transmision data and leadership discretion.


This FAQ was updated in June 2021, things may have changed by the time you read this. We will strive to update this document as state and local guidelines are updated.

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Facilities and Operations

James Lee, Maintenance, Facilities, Health & Safety Coordinator


Data and Decisions

Zaneta Encarnacion, Special Assistant to the Superintendent/President


Human Resources (employees)

Angela Riggs, Director of Human Resources