School of Mathematics, Science & Engineering

The School of Mathematics, Science & Engineering provides courses of study in the following fields:

  • Life Sciences (Anthropology and Biology)
  • Mathematics (Computer Science and Mathematics)
  • Physical Sciences (Astronomy, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Engineering, Physics, Physical Science)

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When you choose any of these paths, you'll find that our instructors are well versed in their fields, and they will have high expectations for your work.

Maintaining Achievement & Excellence

Southwestern welcomes you to challenge yourself by taking Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) classes.

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Find the right class, whether you want to learn a new program or start from scratch.

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Explore our catalog, and you'll see that we are on top of the latest developments.

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NSF Mentored Pathways Program


Apply for up to $10,000 per year in scholarships, personalized mentoring by SWC Chemistry faculty, and extra enrichment activities designed to help you succeed in STEM.

Administrative Office



Life Science Department


Shaunte Griffith-Jackson, Ph.D. 

Department Chair, Life Sciences/ Anthropology and Biology 421- 6700 x5955


Mathematics Department


Kimberly Puen Eclar, M.S.,M.Ed.

Department Chair, Mathematics / Computer Science 421-6700 x5954


Physical Sciences Department


Tinh-Alfredo Khuong

Department Co-Chair, Physical Sciences/ Chemistry 421-6700 x5731

Grant Miller, M.S.

Department Co-Chair, Physical Sciences/ Astronomy, Geography, Geology, Engineering, Physics and Physical Science 421-6700 x5535