Power Outage - Chula Vista Operations Canceled

All classes, appointments & services at the Chula Vista campus are canceled today, Monday 4/22, to resolve issues caused by the power outage.

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The Kitchen is Calling

Our culinary arts program provides real-life practice and experience in the art of cooking. You'll learn the theories behind professional cooking, train your palate to become an expert in distinguishing flavors, work to increase the speed in which you can operate in a kitchen, and encourage teamwork and a collaborative atmosphere. 

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The Culinary Arts program has two components—the Baking and Pastry certificate and the Cooking and Baking certificate/degree programs. These programs prepare students for work in the restaurant and hospitality industry by focusing on the development of kitchen skills and food handling techniques in both the baking and culinary specialty areas. Students will understand how to work with foods and the function of ingredients, baking and cooking methods, food economics, nutrition, and kitchen safety and sanitation. A dual focus in baking and pastry as well as culinary kitchen skills is emphasized. Oral and written communications and computer literacy skills are an integral part of the program, and a work experience internship is required at the advanced certificate and associate degree levels.

In the introductory course you will learn marketing and sales, legal requirements, menu planning, contracts and purchasing. The buffet course offers instruction in food decoration, line setup, preparation of pates, salads, charcuterie and specialized foods.

The baking and pastry course provides training in doughs, frostings, fillings, glazes and decorating. In the hot food preparation class you will learn fabrication techniques, grill work, vegetable preparation, saute station and roasting. Another class focuses on stock, soup and sauce preparation.

Some of the equipment you will use includes food carving and sculpture tools, molds, pastry bags, dough cutters, sausage grinders/stuffers, ovens, mixers, blenders, various chef's knives, steam kettles and food processors.

Strategies for selecting and preparing healthier foods are emphasized.

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