Power Outage - Chula Vista Operations Canceled

All classes, appointments & services at the Chula Vista campus are canceled today, Monday 4/22, to resolve issues caused by the power outage.

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Zero Textbook Cost

ZTC Impact for Fall 2023: $1,020,000 estimated student cost savings, 10,200 students enrolled in ZTC Classes, 110 faculty teaching a ZTC section, 255 total ZTC sections

What is ZTC?

The rising cost of textbooks is a financial barrier to many college students and has prompted national and state efforts to create free or affordable textbooks. The inability to afford textbooks and course materials is an equity issue and can be addressed through Zero Textbook Costs (ZTC); to reduce educational costs for students by providing free materials available from day one of their class. Southwestern College recognizes the high cost of textbooks as a barrier that impacts student success and is committed to eliminating accessibility and affordability barriers to higher education.


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