ZTC For Students

What is Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC)? 

Course sections designated as ZTC do not require the purchase of course materials (e.g., textbooks).

Please watch the 90-second video below for an overview of ZTC and tips on finding ZTC classes.

Additional viewing options: Turn on closed captions with the "CC" button, or use this text transcript if you prefer to read.

How do I find course sections designated as ZTC? 

To view the ZTC sections of your desired course, visit the Southwestern class schedule portal. Make sure to select “Zero Textbook Cost” under the “Course Type” category.

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Look for the ZTC symbol alongside the course section.

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Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) degree pathways (In-Progress):

Southwestern College is in the process of offering the following Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) degree pathways. This ensures that at least one section of both the major and GE course sequences will be available as ZTC. 

Asian-American Studies  (Associate in Arts Degree - Transfer Preparation) 

Family Studies (Spanish-to-English Associate Teacher Certificate)

Social Work and Human Services (Associate Degree for Transfer)

Psychology (Associate Degree for Transfer)