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Will You Help Save the World?

This sector of training teaches you the science behind combating disease, reducing energy usage and creating safer medicines. If it involves chemicals, compounds and how those interact with living organisms, you will learn about it all, right here. Whether working in a medical device laboratory, or calculating a special medicine for animals, the biotech industry is soaring in SanDiego. They need you now.

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Biotechnology is defined as the science of using and modifying biological material in order to develop products and organisms for specific use. A variety of biotechnology applications are commonly used in the following industries:

  • Research, testing, and medical laboratories 
  • Drugs, vaccines and pharmaceuticals 
  • Health care (diagnostics, therapeutics & personalized medicine) 
  • Environment applications (biofuel & wildlife management) 
  • Food industry (testing & crop production) 
  • Agriculture feedstock and chemicals 

This a rapidly expanding field of science with enormous potential for both improving life and providing a growing source of well paying technical jobs.

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