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Southwestern College Fire Science Program

Fire Academy starts in Fall 2023

Only Prerequisite is FS 10 Professional Skills for Employment in the Fire Service
Offered Every Semester.

Course dates: June 13, 2023 to August 3, 2023 (8-weeks)
Class meets: Every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 am to 1:50 am
Registration is open
Prerequisites: NONE

Critical Course Parameters

For those wishing to take the Firefighter 1 (fire academy) courses to obtain their State Fire Training Firefighter 1 certification. The FS 10 class is the perquisite. This course measures a student’s ability to enter the Firefighter 1 Academy. The course stresses and tests the student’s Didactic Capability (reading comprehension/math), Minimum Physical Conditioning Standards, and Standards of a Paramilitary Environment (Emotional capabilities adhering to a paramilitary environment) that will be required to complete the Firefighter 1 Academy.

Didactic Capabilities

There will be a total of 3 Fire Department Practice Entrance Exams given during the course thus giving the Cadets (students) the opportunity to improve their score to meet the requirement. The Cadet (student) must pass one of the three Entrance Exams to pass the course. In addition, there will be 8 quizzes on various subject matter covered in the course.   

Minimum Physical Conditioning Standards

To pass the physical conditioning requirement, the Cadet (student) must complete the four items listed below in 60 minutes or less:

1.       3 mile run in less than 30 minutes
2.       3 Pull-ups
3.       25 Pushups in one minute
4.       30 Sit-Ups in one minute

During the course there will be a total of 15 opportunities for each Cadet (student) to pass the minimum Physical Conditioning requirement. The Cadet (student) must pass one of the fifteen Physical Conditioning Standards test to pass the course. Cadets (students) that feel they cannot meet this requirement at the start of the course or have not met this requirement by the end of this course will be referred to the FS 32 course: Pre-academy Fire, Police, and EMS Fitness and Nutrition. If a Cadet (student) has any concerns regarding their physical conditioning, it is recommended they seek medical advice and evaluation from their doctor prior to entering FS 10. A Medical Liability Release will be required for students wishing to take FS 10 course.

Standards of a Paramilitary Environment

The course will test the Cadets (students) ability to adhere to Uniform Standards, Codes of Conduct Standards, Attendance Standards, Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines, and Teamwork.

If you have questions regarding this course. Please contact:
Fire Science Program Director
Lorraine Hutchinson 

Saving Career

Today, fire service personnel are faced with a diverse and complex environment. Fire fighters must possess sufficient knowledge and skills to deal effectively with the fire protection problem, emergency medical care response, and hazardous materials. The study of fire science includes the philosophy, history, chemistry, physics, laws, terminology, technology and detection, and prevention of fires.

Learn More. Earn More.

Provides training in the theory and practice of fire technology, the fire service, and the fire protection field.  It is designed to enhance qualifications for entry into the fire service, for preparation for entry-level hiring examinations, and for current firefighters wishing to complete a degree in fire tech.

Study of fire science includes the philosophy, history, chemistry, physics, laws, terminology, technology and detection and prevention of fires.

Career options include county, state and federal fire agencies; private industry; public fire service, fire protection and engineering; fire prevention and inspection.


Fire Science Work Experience program: Students are placed in a fire station to gain experience and work with an engine company. They are supervised and evaluated by a fire captain.

Degrees/Certificates Available

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