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Industry Certifications


Looking to improve your employability or skill up your workforce?

Many of SWC’s programs and courses are designed to help you improve your salary by preparing you to earn industry-recognized certifications in addition to your degree or certificate. These industry credentials will help employers evaluate and understand your skills – which helps you get hired or advanced in your current position.

The list below includes many of the industry certifications you can earn through SWC’s classes and programs. Some of these are embedded in the course material, and some require an additional exam. Certifications are issued by a 3rd party representing the industry and not by SWC.


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Reasons to Earn Industry Certifications

For Students

Industry certifications allow students to demonstrate mastery of knowledge and/or skills that are in demand among their local community. Certifications can improve job prospects, marketability to employers and employability, as well as create options for postsecondary education.

For Businesses

Industry certifications demonstrate evidence of competencies, thus supporting hiring practices and filling employers' specific demand for knowledge, skills and abilities. Employers can partner with SWC to create tailored professional development pathways that meet their business needs.

How to Start: Explore Industry Certification Pathways

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