Building & Room Number Reorganization

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Throughout our half-century history, the Chula Vista campus has grown beyond our dreams to meet the needs of the South Bay. With each new building and facility, we’ve had to get a little creative on how to number it.

Over the years, it’s gotten a little complicated, so we’ve started from scratch. We’ve renumbered and standardized the entire Chula Vista campus to help our students, employees and visitors better find their way.

NEW Chula Vista Campus Map (PDF)

Flyer (PDF)

Try out the Old-to-New Number Lookup tool located at the bottom of this page!

How to Read a New Room Number

Example: Room 64-101

  • 64: Building Number
  • 101: Room Number

The first two digits are the building number. Find your building number on the new map. Building numbers flow clockwise around the perimeter road. 

The next three digits are the room number. New room numbers will usually flow clockwise around the building.

A Few Things You Should Know

  • We’ve implemented a two-digit building renumbering to all Chula Vista buildings. Room numbers will keep a three-digit numbering. Example: 64-101.
  • New wayfinding and signage are being installed all over the Chula Vista campus.
  • Looking for the new number to an old room? Use the "Old-to-New Number Lookup" table below. 

New Numbers to Popular Campus Buildings

  • Academic Success Center
    Building 26
  • Bookstore
    Building 56A
  • César E. Chávez Student Services Center
    Building 68
  • DeVore Stadium
    Building 71
  • Library
    Building 64 
  • Math & Science Building
    Building 60
  • Mayan Hall
    Building 86A
  • Wellness & Aquatics Complex
    Building 70

Old-to-New Number Lookup

The interactive table below will provide you with the new building and room numbers, based on the previous numbers. Use the Quick Search or drop-down boxes to quickly find what you're looking for.

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