Smart Schedules

Smart Schedules

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Smart Schedules are fully mapped two-year schedules that lead to degree completion in four semesters.

Fall of 2023 marked the launch of 12 Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) Smart Schedules. These Smart Schedules consist of grouped classes that follow a path for four consecutive semesters, with a guarantee of no-cancellation of these class offerings to students.

Smart Schedules are offered in a consecutive semester-by-semester structure:

  • Fall, Spring, Fall, Spring OR Spring, Fall, Spring, Fall.

This sequence allows a student to start a Smart Schedule sequence in Fall or Spring. However, Smart Schedule class offerings are not offered during a Summer session.

For a complete listing of Smart Schedule offerings, visit Under Class Schedule Search, select:

  • Course Type > Smart Schedule

For a visual overview of Smart Schedules click the pdf below. This reflects the sequence of Smart Schedules at the start of Fall 2023 and on.

Disclaimer: Smart Schedule offerings are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Information is subject to change.

Download Smart Schedules mailer

Smart Schedules Fall 2023 (PDF)