Exercise Science


Exercise Science provides opportunities for students to gain knowledge about physical fitness, healthful living practices, leisure-time pursuits, and stress management techniques while mastering a variety of physical fitness and/or sports activities.

The curriculum is centered on the concept that movement skills, intellectual development and physical fitness are elements of life that must be taught and reinforced. Further, students acquire and master skills in a progressive fashion through instruction, analysis and evaluation by credentialed professionals. Check out the course offerings under Course Catalog.

The Department offers a variety of courses to meet general education requirements as well as to provide opportunities for personal growth, fun and exciting activity classes from, Body Sculpting and Bowling to Surfing and Yoga.

The Department offers a state-of-the-art Fitness Center, an on campus swimming pool, a one year Fitness Specialist Certification Program, aquatics classes at the Crown Cove Aquatic Center along the Silver Strand and activity classes, including a Limited activity class program. We invite you to sign up for a class or program this semester!