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A Language that Serves

Learning American Sign Language means you’ll be in high demand for coveted interpreting jobs in courtrooms, government agencies and organizations that work with the deaf community. Learning the fourth most-popular language can lead students to meaningful careers and a closer connection to the deaf community and culture.

The demand for sign language interpreters is expected to rise 46 percent within the next 10 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and with an education from Southwestern College, you can be ready to help a unique community.

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The Southwestern College American Sign Language program offers a two-semester sequence. It is assumed that no ASL has been formally studied, so these classes follow a sequence that builds language skills.

The American Sign Langauge program offers an introduction to the language of signs and manual communication methods used by hearing-impaired persons in the United States. 

Here're a few career options:

  • General interpreter
  • Courtroom interpreter
  • Medical interpreter
  • Deaf educator
  • Speech-language pathologist
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