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Parking permits are required for all vehicles that park on District property.  It is the responsibility of every driver who enters District property to review and follow the California Vehicle Codes and the Southwestern College District Parking policies and regulations located on this page.

The Southwestern College Governing Board has established these policies and regulations to regulate the safe and orderly movement of vehicular traffic and the parking of vehicles on District property, including the Chula Vista Campus, Higher Education Center at Otay Mesa, Higher Education Center at San Ysidro, Higher Education Center at National City, and the Crown Cove Aquatics Center on Silver Strand. All provisions of the California Vehicle Code are applicable on both paved and unpaved roadways.

Southwestern College students taking classes at the Crown Cove location are issued special parking permits that need to be visibly displayed on their vehicles.

The parking of vehicles and motorcycles is limited to designated parking areas. Parking permits are required for all vehicles that park on District property. It is the responsibility of every driver who enters District property to follow the California Vehicle Code and the Southwestern College District Parking rules and policies.

Violations of the California Vehicle Code and/or the Southwestern College District Parking rules and policies are subject to citations, fines, towing, and impoundment, 24-hours a day, even when classes are not in session.

Most questions can be answered by examining the QUICK REFERENCE PARKING INFO SHEET (PDF document).

NEW Virtual Parking Permits

Southwestern College is excited to announce our transition from physical parking permits to virtual parking permits beginning Summer 2022.

Fall 2022 permits are available for purchase at the SWC Permit Store

How do virtual permits work?

Essentially, your vehicle’s license plate will act as your parking permit. Individuals will register their vehicle information into the new iParq online parking permit system. iParq’s permit software then generates a virtual permit linked to that vehicle's license plate number. You will no longer receive or need a physical permit to park at any SWC campus. 

Officers will use a handheld device to scan and capture the license plate number. It is then referenced against the secure parking database to verify that the individual has a valid permit. Please note, when your license plate is scanned, officers do not see any personal information other than the individual’s SWC permit history.  

What are the benefits of virtual permits?

  • No need to display a physical permit, no more lost or stolen permits, no more waiting for your permit to arrive in the mail, reduced paper and plastic usage, and the ability to go back into your iParq account and update your vehicle information as needed. 
  • Virtual permits are now available for purchase online through the SWC Permit Store via a smartphone or desktop computer.
  • QR codes linked to our online permit store will be posted at parking lot entrances and throughout campus.
  • Two vehicles may be registered under one permit, however, only one vehicle is allowed on campus at a time.

You may also check out this iParq Presentation (Powerpoint Document) that summarizes new features that come with virtual permits.

 Permit Information

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