Student Rights and Grievances

Students may initiate grievance procedures when they believe they have been subject to unjust action or the denial of rights as stipulated in published District policies/procedures, state laws, or federal laws. Such action may be instituted by a student against another student, a staff member, a faculty member, or an administrator. When a student believes an injustice has been done, the student may seek resolution as outlined in Procedures 5530; Student Rights and Grievances.

Grade and grading disputes are addressed within this procedure, unless the student is alleging discrimination, harassment, or related retaliation in grading. Students should refer to the “Student Grade Dispute Procedure – Section II.”

Note: Complaints under Section 504 and/or Americans with Disabilities Act are made to the Section 504 Coordinator in Office of Student Services. Complaints of sexual harassment and other forms of unlawful discrimination are made to the Human Resources Compliance Coordinator in the Office of the Vice President for Human Resources. 

Report of Student Grievance Form