Standards of Student Conduct

In joining the academic community, students enjoy the right and share the responsibility of exercising the freedom to learn. Like other members of the academic community, each student’s conduct is expected to be in accordance with the standards of the college that are designed to promote its educational purposes.

A charge of misconduct may be imposed upon a student for violating provisions of College District policy and/or procedure, state education statutes and regulations and/or administrative codes. When a student is subject to charges of misconduct, such charges shall be processed in accordance with these policies and procedures:

Faculty and staff who are concerned with a student’s behavior, and think that there may be a violation of the Standards of Student Conduct, are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Services to discuss the incident.

If you are submitting a Report of Student Misconduct or Academic Dishonesty, before submitting a report, please be sure you are following the process outlined in SWC Administrative Procedure 5520, which includes the staff or faculty member first attempting to resolve the misconduct by informal consultation with the student and then the School/Center Dean or Administrator meeting with the student in an attempt to resolve the problem. Please note that informal consultation with the student need not to occur in cases where the College Police has become involved, or in situations that involve safety. 

If the misconduct has not been resolved by informal consultation, then please submit a Report of Student Misconduct by accessing the Online Incident Report Form below and select "Formal Report of Student Misconduct or Academic Dishonesty" in the "Nature of this report" field.

Online Incident Report Form