Facilities Master Plan

Facilities Master Plan 2018 (PDF)

The intent of the Facilities Master Plan is to establish the short and long-term facilities needs of the District based upon the Educational Master Plan. The objective of the Facilities Master Plan is to determine current and future space needs, identify the building/facilities required, establish building facilities priorities, formulate project costs and recommend a resource allocation plan for the District.

While the Southwestern Community College District has the internal capacity to develop many of the required components of Educational Master Plan and Facilities Master Plan, our goal is to produce exceptional Plans that, by virtue of engaging a committed team of professionals, exceeds and expands that which the District is able to currently develop under the constraints of the District's ongoing daily educational responsibilities to our communities.

The District expects the Educational Master Plan and the Facilities Master Plan to complement each other and be a reflection of the District's commitment to its Mission.

Facilities Master Plan Documents