Propositions R & Z

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Prop R

Math, Science & Engineering ConceptOn November 4, 2008, by majority election of the Districts' registered voters, $389,000,000 in general obligation bonds (Proposition R) were authorized to be issued and sold for the benefit of the District.

Proceeds from the bonds are to be used for construction, reconstruction and/or rehabilitation of facilities, including the furnishing and equipping of its facilities, acquisition, or lease of real property for its facilities and construction management by District personnel in accordance with the Facilities Vision Plan (FVP Schedule). Click Project Activity to view project location and details as well as current and scheduled campus impacts.

On March 14, 2012, the Southwestern Community College District Board unanimously voted to re-evaluate all Proposition R projects to determine the best use of bond funds and reassess its priorities.

Prop Z

Performing Arts Center ConceptIn November 2016 voters of South Bay passed Proposition Z, a $400 million general obligation bond for Southwestern College, allowing the college to move forward on critical classroom and infrastructure renovations in accordance with the Facilities Vision Plan (FVP Schedule). Click Project Activity to view project location and details as well as current and scheduled campus impacts.

The Performing Arts Center, an expansion of the Higher Education Center in San Ysidro and a new Student Union are among the first phase of new facilities under the new bond.

Project Title Proposition Budget/Cost Status Campus
Student Union Center Proposition Z $101M Design Chula Vista
Infrastructure Projects Proposition Z $15M Design District Wide
Instructional Complex 1 Proposition Z  $107M Design Chula Vista
Automotive Technology Center Proposition Z $3.5M Procurement Otay Mesa
Landscape Nursery Technology Proposition Z $29.7M Bidding Chula Vista
IT Data Center  Proposition R $25.6M Closeout Chula Vista
Public Safety Training Center Proposition Z $25.7M Closeout Otay Mesa
Operations & Warehouse Complex Proposition Z $40.7M Construction Chula Vista
Performing Arts Center Proposition Z $70M Closeout Chula Vista