General Description for Astronomy [see Southwestern College Catalog]
Astronomy is both the oldest science, and one of the most modern, with problems, such as dark matter and dark energy , that are among the most challenging and important scientific problems of our times.

Transfer Preparation for Astronomy [see Southwestern College Catalog]
• Calculus
o MATH 250, 251, 252
• Physics
o PHYS 270, 271, 272, 274
• Astrophysics
o ASTR 205

Career Options for Astronomy [see Southwestern College Catalog]
A few careers in Astronomy require an associate degree, some require a bachelor’s degree and most require graduate level degrees. A detailed description of careers in Astronomy is available at the American Astronomical Society .

Astronomy Faculty
• Grant J. Miller, M.S.
• Jeffrey Veal, Ph.D.

Astronomy Courses [see Southwestern College Catalog]
• ASTR 100 Principles of Astronomy
• ASTR 109 Astronomy Laboratory
• ASTR 120 Solar System Astronomy
• ASTR 150 Discovery of the Cosmos
• ASTR 170 The Radical Universe
• ASTR 180 Life in the Universe
• ASTR 205 Elementary Astrophysics
• ASTR 295 Selected Topics in Astronomy

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