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Anthropology is the broadest of the social sciences and is the study of human biological and cultural origins and change. The anthropology program goals and objectives have been developed to provide students with a broad introduction to the anthropological perspective including the cross-cultural and comparative approach. The program aims to introduce a wide variety of biologically and culturally relevant topics including, but not confined to, evolution, social organization, genetics, language, cultural bias, globalization, religion, technology, and recovery and study of material remains relevant to the human past. The anthropology program emphasizes the role of the scientific method in evaluating humans biologically and culturally, as well as in the development of theoretical perspectives relevant to studying human societies past and present including evolution and contemporary existence in a technological age.

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Anthropology - Associate in Arts

Associate Degree

Associates in Arts in Anthropology for Transfer - Associate in Arts Transfer

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Silvia Nadalet Dean
Shaunte Griffith-Jackson Department Chair