Student Lockers

  • Lockers are available for students during the semester. For more information, see our lockers policies.

Classrooms / Computer Labs

  • There are 3 classrooms that also function as computer labs.
  • We are a Mac computer based facility. Our classrooms contain 22-24 student computer workstations.
  • Various scanners for 35mm, Medium Format, & up to 8”x10” film.


  • 12 enlarger B&W darkroom

Multipurpose Room (Wet / Messy Area)

  • Film Development, Print Drying, Alternative Chemical Processes
  • Includes two 25”x36” UV exposure units.

Digital Printing & Viewing

  • Archival Ink Jet Printing by Epson Printers.  We can print a variety of sizes of sheet paper and roll paper.  We can print up to 44’ wide.  Roll paper printing is available upon request.
  • There is 17” Epson 3880 in each  of the 3 classrooms.
  • There are three printers ready to print 8.5”x11” in the digital printing room.  These are Epson 4800, 4880, and 4900.
  • There are two large format printers:  an Canon IPF6400 (up to 24” wide) and a Canon IPF8400 (up to 44” wide).
  • We have a color correct GTI print viewing station in each classroom and a large GTI wall unit in the digital printing room.
  • Our printers are attached to ASUS PA246Q monitors with P-IPS panels that provide 98% of Adobe RGB coverage for soft-proofing and color correction purposes.

Print Finishing

  • Mounting and Matting Equipment

Checkout Equipment

  • There are various items for checkout including cameras, flashes and tripods.  Equipment checkout and access is determined by your class enrollment.  See instructor for details.

Dressing Room

  • Preparation for studio projects.


  • Our studio is one large room that can be separated into 4 separate areas.  One of these areas includes the storage for items such as strobes, light stands, posing tables and stools, light modifiers, etc.  The other 3 areas are independent lighting bays divided by light-tight curtains.
  • Each of the 3 lighting bays can utilize 4 strobes or a variety of continuous hot-lights.
  • Each of the 3 lighting bays includes an Apple MacPro computer setup with wireless tethering capabilities for a digital SLR.
  • 2 of the lighting bays are equipped with a built-in cove wall.
  • There are 4 motorized backdrop rollers that are controlled independently.