Garden Walks and Talks

Sharpen your garden knowledge by attending our series of Garden Walks and Talks.  Presented by our panel of garden docents and experts, you will be sure to learn some new garden techniques or find out about some plants you'll want to add to your garden.  Pick from our list of timely and fun garden presentations that will make your green thumb the envy of your neighbors.  

Each Garden Walk and Talk is held on Saturday, from 2:00 to 3:00-3:30 pm.  Park in lot E at no charge from 1 pm to 4 pm.  

No reservations for the Walks and Talks are required.  Simply meet at the garden entrance gate near the yellow classroom building (1800 building).  The talk is free with a recommended donation to the garden of $3.00 per person.

Here is the 2018 Schedule of Walks and Talks:
 Date  Title Synopsis

March 10th

Dragon Fruit Learn how to propagate and grow those fantastic tropical and unusual plants known as Pitaya. Find out about the different varieties and the best locations in which to plant them.
May 12th
Photographing Plants using Smart Phones and iPads Ok, we all carry a smart phone and/or an iPad with us but do they always take the best pictures - especially of plants?  Gloria Barry will offer some tips on the best ways to grab that great plant picture with your mobil device.
July 14th Plumeria Care and Propagation Join Plumeria expert Jeff Sharp as he discusses pruning of plumerias, callusing fresh cuttings, rooting cuttings, potting and repotting, collecting plumeria seed pods, and starting new plants by seeds.
September 8th Simple and Small Garden Fountains We all love the sights and sounds of running water but we want to be water conserving too!  Join Bill Homyak for this hands-on demonstration of using common garden items and small pumps to create some fascinating water features.
November 17th Floral Turkeys It's baaaack - the floral turkey is returning.  This hands-on floral arranging session will teach you how to make and then take your own arrangement.  Space is limited to 10 people so check this webpage on November 1st for information on how to sign up.  A $25 fee is charged for the materials and will be required in advance.