Philosophy & Humanities Dept.


In the Philosophy & Humanities Department at SWC, students read and study the great texts of Western and Eastern civilizations, apply rational analysis to contemporary issues, and develop a genuine intellectual curiosity. For more info on the specific focus of either philosophy or humanities, click the links to the left.

For more info in general, contact Peter Bolland, the department chair at 619-421-6700, x5527, go visit him in room 560C, or email him (

We are also home to The Southwestern College Podcast, where we discuss general topics in philosophy as well as current issues on our campus or in society.

Department Faculty

  • Peter Bolland
  • Alejandro Orozco
  • Luke Cuddy
  • Diane Palmer
  • James Terbest
  • Matt Wion
  • Najah Abdelkader
  • Perry Grosse
  • Francisco Salgado
  • Ananda Spike
  • Bruce McGraw
  • Jeffrey Moore
  • Randall Parsons-Ulyate