Associate Degree for Transfer

Associate Degree for Transfer LogoStudents who have submitted an application to a California State University and have indicated they are receiving an AA-T or AS-T degree from a California Community College, must have their degree status confirmed electronically (eVerified).

If you have applied to the CSU system and are completing the requirements for your  AA-T or AS-T degree at Southwestern College, you must submit a Petition for Graduation when you are complete or enrolled in your final required classes. (Awarding of a degree is not automatic.)

Important Deadlines for eVerify Students

  • For Spring CSU Applicants with a declared AA-T or AS-T degree, you must apply for Fall graduation at Southwestern College by October 1st.*
  • For Fall CSU Applicants with a declared AA-T or AS-T degree, you must apply for Spring graduation at Southwestern College by February 1st.*

If you petition for an AA-T or AS-T degree that differs from your CSU application, you will receive an email verification of your graduation status. It is your responsibility to provide this verification directly to your CSU.

All official transcripts from other colleges/universities must be sent directly to Southwestern College Admissions Office, whether or not it is needed for the AA-T or  AS-T degree.

If applicable, AP, CLEP, or IB scores needed for graduation must also be sent to Southwestern College Admissions Office.

If your petition for graduation is denied, you must submit another petition for a subsequent semester after any missing coursework or documentation has been completed.

Submit your Petition for Graduation

Access the ADT Checklist (PDF)

Twenty-eight Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT) are offered at Southwestern College and all are fully aligned with bachelor’s degree programs in the California State University (CSU) system:

Note: Deadlines subject to change