Clinical Requirements

Nursing and Healthcare Occupations students and faculty must be able to do total patient care or occupation related activities in all program designated areas without physical, emotional or psychological limitations. Written documentation of complete recovery from any previous injury and/or illness must be provided. Following is a brief description of the type of activities that students will need to be able to perform while working with patients in the hospital or clinical setting. See application packet for full description of health requirements.

  • Moderate to heavy lifting and carrying (20-40 pounds).
  • Pushing, pulling, bending and kneeling around patients using various types of hospital equipment such as wheelchairs, gurneys, lifting devices and specialized beds.
  • Fine motor dexterity using both hands while preparing medications and manipulating a variety of instruments and assessment devices.
  • Extensive periods of walking and standing.
  • Visual discrimination including depth perception and color vision.
  • Ability to hear the spoken word in settings where other sounds are present, with an ability for rapid mental processing and simultaneous motor coordination.
  • Working with hands in water (Frequent hand washing is required).
  • Working with various materials and substances to which some individuals may be allergic.
  • If you have casts, splints, or braces, they are NOT allowed in the clinical setting.