TEAS Testing

Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) has been approved by the State of California as a pre-entrance exam for applicants to the Nursing Program. The TEAS measures basic essential skills in the academic content areas of reading, mathematics, science and English. The test has been developed by a private company, ATI Nursing Education, and is offered remotely and at designated testing sites throughout the country. San Diego State University, and other local educational sites, offer the TEAS Exam.  

All ADN, LVN-RN, and VN students are required to take the TEAS pre-entrance exam and submit the TEAS composite score transcripts with the application packet.

SWC Nursing will accept TEAS scores if taken remotely or in person at a testing center. To take an exam remotely, create an ATI account on the ATI website (www.atitesting.com) and select a testing institution for remote proctoring (updated 08/25/20).

Policy & General Information

The prospective nursing student who achieves a passing composite score on the TEAS test and has completed all of the admission requirements, is eligible to apply for Nursing Program. See grid below for passing scores. ADN/RN Program applicants earn points on the Multi-criteria points formula based on their TEAS composite score. VN Program applicants are ranked for admission based on GPA and TEAS Composite score only.

Minimum passing TEAS composite score:

  • ADN/RN Program
    62% or Higher
  • VN Program
    58% or Higher

Preparing to take the TEAS Test:

The Nursing Department strongly recommends using the TEAS-prep resources to study for the exam. Test prep materials are available for purchase on the ATI website (www.atitesting.com). Additional TEAS test prep classes and materials may also be found at local adult schools, Continuing Education sites, online classes and more.

Update to the TEAS Policy: 

On June 3, 2022, the TEAS Version 7 will be released, and the TEAS Version 6 will be retired. During this transition period, the following temporary policies are in effect:

Applicants who MEET the minimum passing score on the first attempt:

• Applicants may choose to submit the TEAS Transcript Composite score for Version 6 or Version 7 along with your complete program application. Minimum score remains in effect, a composite score of 62% for the ADN and LVN-RN programs or a composite score of 58% for the LVN program.

Applicants who DO NOT meet the minimum passing score on the first attempt:

• Applicants who do not meet the minimum passing score may re-take the TEAS test only once.

*Please NOTE:  If you took TEAS version 6 and did not pass, you have until June 2, 2022, to remediate and re-take Version 6. After June 2, 2022, TEAS Version 6 will no longer be accessible for second attempts.

*Applicants who miss the June 2, 2022, deadline to re-take Version 6 must take TEAS Version 7. ATI will release TEAS Exam Version 7 on June 3, 2022.

Recency requirement: 

Regardless of the TEAS Version (6 or 7), SWC Nursing is instituting a 3-year recency requirement. For example, if you are going to apply for the ADN or LVN-RN Program Fall 2023 cohort, your TEAS test must be taken between February 2020 and February 2023 to be considered. If you are applying for the Spring 2023 LVN program, your TEAS test mut be taken between November 2019 and November 2022.

TEAS Remediation Plan

The TEAS Remediation Plan applies to applicants with an Adjusted TOTAL Score less than 62% for the ADN/RN Program or less than 58% for the VN Program. The Remediation Plan must be followed to be eligible to apply to SWC Nursing Programs. If remediating, the second TEAS test must be taken within a year after the first TEAS test was taken. Proof of remediation is required with your Nursing Program application.

To be successful, allow ample time to remediate (study). We do not recommend taking the second TEAS test within 30 days of your first attempt.

Remediation Process

You may use one of the following methods for remediation:

  1. Attend a TEAS prep course. These are occasionally offered at various educational sites throughout the county; (OR)
  2. Review a TEAS study manual and take two practice TEAS tests from ATI at www.atitesting.com.

Evidence of completion of a remediation program must be provided with your application packet to the Nursing Program. Examples of proof of completion can be a copy of your TEAS test prep certificate, a letter from your instructor indicating a test prep course was completed, OR a copy of your ATI TEAS transcript showing all TEAS tests and practice tests taken.

For questions, please contact Southwestern College Nursing Program at nursing@swccd.edu.

Test Preparation

ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Online Practice Assessment