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At Southwestern College, we're building the next generation of great leaders and through the Leadership and Supervision Program, students can enter the business industry as experts in management theories and leadership skills. 

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The Leadership and Supervision program at Southwestern College focuses on two primary areas: (1) Management in the context of sustainability including micro enterprise innovation, strategic planning, and finance. (2) Management in the context of human resources including the study of basic management theories, labor relations, and management of people of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

The basic certificate program prepares students to be effective supervisors and leaders and provides a choice of emphasis in the areas of human resources and/or sustainable micro enterprise development, improving students' ability to work effectively and collaboratively in either of these important areas.

The advanced certificate and A.S. degree build on the basic skills acquired in the basic certificate program. They emphasize the development of versatile leadership abilities as well as skills in planning and problem solving, organizing, staffing, training, and working with individuals and teams.

Career Options

Most of the following career options require at least an associate degree and some require a bachelor’s or graduate level degree. A sample of the career options available in the area of leadership emphasizing sustainable micro enterprise innovation, strategic planning, and finance include micro enterprise developer/manager, entrepreneur, accountant, non-profit manager, financial officer, banker, real estate broker, and community and economic developer.

In the area of leadership emphasizing supervision, career options include human resources professional, business manager, entrepreneur, supervisor, office manager, insurance and benefits professional, union organizer, and labor relations manager.

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