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Studying travel and toursim at Southwestern College means the world really is at your fingertips. Through an your education at Southwestern College, you can be prepared to help people explore the world. You can choose from earning two certificates or an associate degree and be ready to join the travel and toursim industry.

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Travel and tourism is the study of the method and means of moving an individual or groups from one place to another that involves transportation and accommodation. Travel means passage or journey while tourism implies the practice of travel for recreation and leisure. 

Prepares students for entry-level management positions or advancement in the travel and tourism industry. Emphasis on management responsibilities including operations, marketing, and human resources related to the field. This department explores communication skills,reservation techniques, fiscal affairs, operations, computer applications, guiding practices, services, and locales. Sociology is a requisite to the travel and tourism practitioner.

Career Options

Below is a sample of the career options available for the travel and tourism major. Most of these require a certificate or associate degree: travel agent, hotel/motel clerk, tour guide, ticketing agent, reservations clerk, travel agency owner, tour operator, cruise ship personnel, airline attendant, travel writer, hospitality specialist, accommodations critic, sales representative, conference coordinator, conference facility director, and meeting planner for business and industrial, governmental, or educational organizations.

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