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You can see your next video or film big project, now learn the skills to bring to life with the Southwestern College Film, Television, and Media Arts Program. You'll learn a strong foundation in each technical aspect of film, video and TV production while learning the spirit of creating great media.

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Telemedia is the study of television, video, film, and related new media. It combines elements of the visual and performing arts with writing, speech, engineering, computer science, theory, history, technology, criticism, literature, law, psychology, sociology, and management in the production of visual and aural communications. Telemedia explores the broadening implications of producing media for new wider Internet and other distribution opportunities.

Career Options

Below is a sample of the career options available for the telemedia major. Most of these require a certificate of achievement or an associate in arts degree, some require a bachelor’s degree, and a few require a graduate-level degree: possible career options include producer, director, art director, advertising agent, broadcaster, special effects technician, camera operator, studio manager, actor, scriptwriter, grip, high school or college instructor, performance artist, computer graphics artist, animator, editor, and communication manager.

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