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Web Design/Development is the study of theories, principles, and practices in planning, developing, launching, and maintaining websites. This discipline explores the varied roles a website plays in a company’s marketing efforts and the role a webmaster plays in guiding that vision.

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The primary task of a Web Designer is to use multimedia to convey a message with a focus on aesthetics and design. They will design digital user interfaces or websites; develop and test layouts, interfaces, functionality, and navigation menus to ensure compatibility and usability across browsers or devices. They may evaluate web design following web and accessibility standards and may analyze web use metrics and optimize websites for marketability and search engine ranking. They may create graphics used in websites and manage website content and links.

The primary task of a Web Developer is to convey a message with a focus on code and behind-the-scenes software. They will develop and implement websites, web applications, application databases, and interactive web interfaces. They will evaluate code to ensure that it is properly structured, meets industry standards, and is compatible with browsers and devices. They will optimize website performance, scalability, and server-side code and processes. They may develop website infrastructure and integrate websites with other computer applications.

On the job, Web Designers/Developers:

  • Collaborate with clients to complete the full scope of web development projects.
  • Select programming languages, design tools, or applications to complete web development projects.
  • Design, build, or maintain web sites, using authoring or scripting languages, content creation tools, management tools, and digital media.
  • Participate in the development or implementation of online marketing strategy.
  • Optimize digital assets, such as text, graphics, or multimedia assets, for search engine optimization or for display and accessibility.
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