Power Outage - Chula Vista Operations Canceled

All classes, appointments & services at the Chula Vista campus are canceled today, Monday 4/22, to resolve issues caused by the power outage.

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On the outside, building 850 at Southwestern College’s Chula Vista campus seems like any other building filled with regular classrooms. But inside, students won’t find classrooms with rows of desks leading to a whiteboard. They’ll enter Southwestern College’s $6 million Center for Recording Arts & Technology.

Inside students will find four different state-of-the-art, professional recording studios. The main studio includes a motherboard inside Control Room A with more than 45 channels that can track a whole orchestra. The studio space and tracking room is more than 1,600 square feet and can be converted to two separate isolation rooms. On the opposite side of the main studio are smaller, mini-studios used to record professional voice-overs or movie sound effects. The program’s extensive equipment list would make any audio pro’s mouth drop.

“This is a world-class facility, but to our students it’s home,” said James Henry, program director and professor.

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The Recording Arts and Technology program at Southwestern College prepares students for employment in studio recording, television, and film sound production. The program builds on their recording industry technical education in recording arts and recording technology. In addition, the program contributes to the student's financial independence, career success, and allows them to take key roles within the digital audio recording and sound mixing fields.

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Students constantly need to sharpen their skills to increase their employability in the ever changing economy. These majors provide the student with technical knowledge coupled with creative skills expanding their career options, financial stability and increasing their competitive advantage in the job market. Students who receive an A.S. degree in Recording Arts & Technology have with an in-depth understanding of digital audio engineering for studio recording, television, and film sound production and career opportunities in the entertainment industry.

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