Center for International Studies/Study Abroad

The Center for International Studies and Programs at Southwestern College was established to foster cross-cultural exchanges, develop study abroad opportunities, provide support for international student recruitment, and to sponsor international events and educational activities for the entire Southwestern College campus and community. Our mission is to promote and support international education and exchange.

The Center for International Studies and Programs is committed to providing the Southwestern College Community the following:

  • Experiences that foster global perspectives, cross-cultural curriculum, and appreciation for diversity.
  • Provide international students, scholars, and study abroad participants with services that enhance the quality of their educational experiences and contribute to their academic goals.
  • To create an environment that fosters an appreciation of cultural diversity by providing opportunities for all segments of the campus community to participate in international education and cross-cultural exchange.
  • To facilitate the successful return of study abroad participants, and provide a forum for returnees to share their international education experiences with the larger educational community.

Virtual tours of campus:

Study Abroad program is on hold and we will update this webpage as new information becomes available. Please contact the Office of Student Affairs at (619) 421-6700 ext. 5816 for further assistance.