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Library tutoring is closed until further notice. For more information on tutoring, please visit the Academic Tutoring Page.


The Interdisciplinary Tutoring Center (ITC) is located on the Chula Vista campus on the third floor of the library. The ITC offers tutoring primarily in Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Humanities, English/Reading/Writing, and Mathematics/Sciences. 

Appointments can be made at either the ITC or at the ASC (Building 420). The ITC is managed by the faculty and staff of Learning Assistance Services (LAS). We also offer limited "open lab" tutoring during regular library hours.

Tutoring is free for all current SWC students! All you need is your student ID number. Please note that you will be automatically enrolled in NC3, a free, non-credit course that will not appear on your transcript.

Most students quickly find that reading and studying in college are more demanding than they have previously experienced. To make this transition easier, SWC is committed to supporting students to become efficient, independent learners.

This site provides free access to academic support information designed to assist you to successfully complete your SWC course work.

As partners in learning, tutors help students master course material through the application of effective learning strategies. For independent study, online Learning Links highlight proven strategies that lead to increased academic success.