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On November 4, 2008, by majority election of the Districts' registered voters, $389,000,000 in general obligation bonds (Proposition R) were authorized to be issued and sold for the benefit of the District.

Proceeds from the bonds are to be used for construction, reconstruction and/or rehabilitation of facilities, including the furnishing and equipping of its facilities, acquisition, or lease of real property for its facilities and construction management by District personnel.

On March 14, 2012, the Southwestern Community College District Board unanimously voted to re-evaluate all Proposition R projects to determine the best use of bond funds and reassess its priorities.

Prop R Contacts:          
Tim Flood
Vice President, Business
& Financial Affairs
(619) 482-6310
Priya Jerome
Director of Procurement, Central Svcs & Risk Mgmt
(619) 482-6557
Charlotte Zolezzi
Director of Facilities Operation & Planning
(619) 482-6320

Wayne Yanda

Director of Finance
(619) 482-6414

Mark Claussen, PE
Program Manager
(619) 482-6597

 Joe Stengel
Senior Project Mgr/Program Controls
(619) 216-6824
 Carmen Cortez
 Word Processor
(619) 482-6593

Robert DePew
 Senior Construction Manager
(619) 216-6825

Michela Ferluga, PE
Senior Project Manager
(619) 216-6821

Brooke Baldwin
Contracts Manager
(619) 216-6822

Nicole George
Project Manager
(619) 216-6826
 Isaac Ruiz
Program Controls Specialist
(619) 216-6826
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