Approximate Cost

The cost of the ADN Program (for students who meet the residency requirement) is currently estimated to be approximately $8,164 - $8,487. The greatest direct expenses are at the beginning of the first semester. Textbooks, instructional supplies and uniforms are the major cost items. Living expenses and cost of transportation to campus and clinical facilities are not included in this estimated cost nor are the prerequisite courses or the general education courses for the degree.

In addition to the above costs, students are required to pass the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Version 6 with a score of 62 or higher. This is a diagnostic test that covers basic Math, Reading, and Science, and is given at regular intervals at Southwestern College and other schools of nursing. Students may prepare for this test by going to the ATI testing site.

Enrolled students are required to pay fees for testing services provided by ATI while in the ADN Program. The test fees are included in the estimated total cost. These diagnostic tests are administered periodically throughout the nursing program beginning with an entrance test given the first week of the nursing program, and ending with a “mock” State Board exam in the fourth semester. Students that do poorly on the entrance test will be identified and encouraged to seek assistance in the Academic Success Center.

The remaining comprehensive tests will aid in the progression and success of students, identify strengths and weaknesses, and assist in appropriate remediation and success in the program. A review course will be required for students who do not perform well on the “mock” test before the student’s name will be submitted to the Board of Registered Nursing as a candidate for the licensure examination.

Financial assistance is available through the Financial Aid Office. Application for assistance should be made early, preferably by April or May for new students. Visit the SWC Financial Aid website for information and applications.

It is recommended that the student not work more than 20 hours per week.